It's the calm before the storm

Good morning!

It's the calm before the storm here in the Tri-State and while things are looking on the up and up for the next few days, it could get ugly for the holiday weekend. Meteorologist Jeff Creighton is predicting sunny skies and highs topping out in the upper 80s for our Wednesday afternoon, but to hear more on your seven-day forecast, tune-in to the  FOX19 Morning News starting at 4 a.m.

The storm that I'm referring to is of course none other than Hurricane Isaac which has officially made landfall in southern Louisiana. Aside from the showers expected later on this week, the 200-mile-wide storm has already started to have an effect on fuel prices in the area. Dan Wells will be live this morning with more on the expected jump at the pumps at 5 a.m.

The state of Kentucky is making a few changes to their drivers licenses which also means some big changes at your local DMV branches. Starting at 5:30 this morning, Brad Underwood will be live in Kenton County with everything you need to know.

Former Xavier University basketball player Dez Wells was let off the hook yesterday when a grand jury decided not to charge him after sexual assault allegations were made. Prosecutors tried to argue that Wells' expulsion from XU should be revoked, but the University is standing firm on their decision. Rob Williams and Sheila Gray will have more on Wells' court appearance at 5:30

Here's something fun for all of you movie buffs out there - who do you think is the biggest movie high school outcast of all time? From Donnie Darko to Daria, we've got the complete list coming up during our 6 a.m. hour!

While the weather doesn't seem to be on our side for this weekend, we're still staying positive for this year's Cincinnati Bell/WEBN fireworks show! The man himself, Joe Rozzi, will be in the station at 7:50 to talk about the planning and creation for the 2012 riverfront firework fiasco - you won't want to miss it!

Last but not least, we've got a big line up for you during today's edition of the FOX19 Morning Xtra at 9! Frank Marzullo will be chatting live with our friends Jeff and Jenn from Q102, Dan Evans from the Kenton County Animal Shelter is bringing in a furry friend that is looking for a good home and our very own Brad Underwood will be paying a visit to the Cincinnati Art Museum with a preview of their new exhibit!