Coney Island welcomes the AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic

Coney Island welcomes the AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati AFL-CIO held its 26th annual Labor Day picnic at Coney Island Monday.

In previous years, both President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden have made stops at the event.  For years, the Labor Day picnic has been treated as a key stop for democratic candidates.

While no big names took the stage this year, workers like Rudy Thornton say they are more excited than ever about the President's message.

"This time I'm actually working in the campaign," Thornton said.

Thornton feels better off now than he did four years ago.

"When Obama took office the country was going over a cliff. Everybody wants to forget that," Thornton argued. "They want to forget all of the people who were culprits in that. And these are the same people today saying they could do better with the economy."

"I think it took a long time to get into that mess and most people realize it's going to take a long time to get out," Pat Volpenhein said.

Volpenhein, a member of a local teachers' union, says union support is still backing President Obama.

"I think just the attacks on organized labor and collective bargaining in Minnesota and Ohio has united a lot of union workers," Volpenhein said.

"It's only going to get better," Tim McKeown argued. "He's had four years to try and fix a lot of problems that were almost inconceivable so, I didn't see it as a four year fix anyway."

McKeown remembers the excitement of the President's visit to Coney Island three years ago.

"That was the big thing in '09. We were really looking for a change," he said.

"It was just like a milestone. I'll never forget it," Sandra Goins said of the President's inauguration.

Goins feels some of the initial excitement has worn off a bit.

"That's gone," she said. "Reality has set in. a lot of people thought it was going to be a quick easy fix."

While there is some frustration over the timeline, Goins is not looking to cross the aisle.

"No not yet, I don't know if that day's coming but to tell you the truth, I don't care who gets in there, they've got a job ahead of them," Goins said. "Be it democrat or republican you get in there [and] it's not going to happen overnight, you're going to have a struggle you're going to have a fight."

Goins says she wants to see more transparency from both parties on realistic timelines for the changes they promise.

"They all do it," she said. "They make those promises and we vote on those promises. And who's to say those promises can't come true? But it's not going to be as fast as we're thinking."

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