Moscow rebuilds six months after deadly storm

MOSCOW, OH (FOX19) - The deadly storms ripped through Moscow six months ago.

The homes and properties along the Ohio River are still the ones in need of the most repair, but this community has rallied together to rebuild.

Signs of the storm remains with dozens of windows still boarded up, roofs are severely damaged and dumpsters still hold debris, but there are signs of progress. A new bell tower rests on top of a small church and inside Donald Skeene puts the finishing touches on the walls.

"It's been hard really, watching the neighbors try and rebuild," said Skeene.

Many Moscow residents haven't been able to rebuild and frustration is growing.

"There are some people that thought there would be more help, that there would be more financial assistance and so they thought we could get this back together. Then there are some people who say they can't take it anymore," said Rick Beasley.

Community members say the one thing they still need is volunteers to step up and help rebuild the town.

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