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Pedal bus provides transportation at DNC

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There's a healthy way to get around at the Democratic National Convention. A caravan of pedal buses have descended on area around the convention, providing rides to delegates, residents and visitors.

The people-powered pedal buses are being touted as healthy, fun, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional transportation.

"Whether it's a pedal bus, bicycle, or unicycle, pedaling is good for the mind, body, and environment," said Mike McCallister, chairman and CEO of Humana, the company supplying the vehicles.

Each pedal bus can accommodate a driver and eight passengers. They will follow pre-set routes, making stops close to convention perimeter and popular destinations nearby.

The buses are free of charge. Bus stations have also been set up, providing complementary fruit, water, and health screenings such as blood pressure and body mass index checks.

Pedaling a bike at a leisurely pace for a half hour can burn up to 380 calories.

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