Foul Ball-Boy

Texas boy who lost foul ball to adult gets windfall

A four-year-old Texas boy didn't get the ball, but he got a lot more.  A man sitting behind Nick O'Brien at a Rangers baseball game Sunday was shown on video diving for a foul ball and knocking the boy against the seats.

Fans chanted for the man to give the boy the ball, but he wouldn't.  The Rangers and the rival St. Louis Cardinals gave Nick some souvenirs of his own; two bats and four baseballs, including one signed by Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan.

Nick's mother tells A-B-C's "Good Morning America" the man who got the foul ball seemed proud of it.  She says she swatted him with a cardboard fan and called him a jerk, among other names.

The Dallas Morning News identifies the man as a 28-year-old landscaper and a former youth minister.  A pastor at his church says he's "not the bad guy he's been made out to be."