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AZ family targeted by 3rd pipe bomb in 15 months

Police at the home near 67th Avenue and Olive in Glendale. Police at the home near 67th Avenue and Olive in Glendale.
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Glendale police said a family is under attack after a pipe bomb exploded in front of their home for the third time in the past 15 months.

Neighbors heard the blast at about 1 a.m. Wednesday at the home near 67th Avenue and Olive but didn't see the person or persons responsible.

"Obviously someone is upset," said a neighbor. "I have no idea why they'd be targeted."

The blast not only did extensive damage to the house, shrapnel shot like a rocket into a vacant house across the street.

ATF agents said security cameras the homeowners had activated helps discover that two bombs were set to go off at the home overnight.

The second bomb was discovered across the street and is believed to have been thrown by the force of the first explosion across the street, through several walls, and out a back wall of a house that was vacant and into a neighbor's home.

"That device could have easily killed anyone that was walking by," said ATF Special Agent Tom Mangan. "The velocity of that pipe bomb, when it came apart, entered the residence across the street. Thank God no one was killed."

Danh and Lan Nguyen are the homeowners of the vacant house. They said that they feel fortunate they weren't inside when they pipe bomb blasted through the house.

"I am very lucky," said Lan Nguyen. "We moved out five months ago and we're glad we did."

Inside the first home, a couple was sleeping. The blast sent fragments through their garage and into the house and into a spare bedroom, authorities said.

There was some minor damage to a fence and a couple of cars in the driveway, but ATF agents said the force was enough to cause some serious harm.

Agents are not sure what the motive behind the bombs is but they believe the people who live there are the targets.

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