Dave Hatter's tips on mobile spamming

Mobile spamming is becoming a major problem in the wide world of technology. Tech expert Dave Hatter has compiled a list of information and tips on how to handle spam if it hits you:

  • Pew Research Center found that 69 percent of cell phone owners who use text messaging said they get unwanted spam text messages
  • Spammers get phone numbers from the Internet, or use software generate thousands or even millions of numbers in a particular area code
  • Spammers may use prepaid phones that can't be traced
  • Sending spam is very inexpensive. Unlimited texting for a prepaid phone costs may be as low as $20 per month
  • Some attempt to collect sensitive personal data, known as "smishing", a cousin of phishing.
  • If you don't have an unlimited messaging plan, you may pay for the texts. A typical fee is 20 cents.
  • Clicking links in a spam text could cause you to be signed up for services with hidden, monthly phone bill charges  or it might install malware
  • Android has some apps that can help, Apple doesn't
  • Check each carriers tools and tips
  • Best NOT to respond.
  • There is now a reporting service that lets users forward spam text messages to "7726," a number that spells "SPAM" on traditional phone keypads. There is no cost for this
  • File an FCC complaint

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