Heroin and prostitution on the rise in Covington

Prostitution and heroin on the rise in Covington

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - The Covington Police Department is monitoring an increase in heroin use and prostitution in the city.

"Heroin has just made a comeback, here in Covington," said Police Chief Spike Jones.

"I know in the cities that surround us as well...it drives a lot of other types of crime." Jones said prostitution goes hand in hand with drug use and several locations are being targeted by a VICE unit.

"The last two weeks we've made 19 arrests for prostitution," said Jones. Jones also met with the MainStrasse Village Association to talk about ways homeowners can help police.

"Where the residents are giving us the most information is where we're able to focus," said Jones.

MSVA Board Member Chris Henry is concerned about the drug use but pleased with the police response.

"Chief Jones was incredibly perceptive to us, he flat out told us, if you see something that you suspect, call in, let us know," said Henry.