UC pioneers new procedure for patients with thyroid nodules

Thyroid procedure at UC

CORRYVILLE, OH (FOX19) - University Hospital is leading the way on a new non-surgical procedure for patients with thyroid nodules. Dr. David Steward meets with his patient Christy Whalen every six months to monitor the growth of her nodules.

"He doesn't leave me with any doubt or any questions which is a good thing," said Whalen.

Whalen's first biopsy came back suspicious and surgery was the next step to determine if the nodule was benign or malignant.Thyroid nodules have a 5-10 percent chance of being cancerous but Whalen was unable to undergo surgery due to prescription blood thinners. So Dr. Steward used a needle biopsy.

"The needle biopsy is something that we do to sample the nodule, the cells in the nodule to see if they look benign or malignant," said Steward.

"We can test the genes within those cells to see if they have mutations in the genes."

Whalen's nodules were benign and she was able to avoid surgery.

"I have confidence that everything is going to be okay, I really do," said Whalen.

"I have a good support system, good doctors."

"This has been a much faster track than most and it's been very exciting to be a part of," said Steward.

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