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Republicans protest Biden event in Milford


About forty Mitt Romney supporters lined the street south of Milford High School Sunday urging motorists to "Honk 4 Mitt."  They say President Barack Obama is not getting the job done and its time for a change. "Jobs are definitely the biggest issue," said Catherine Gatewood of Ohio Victory. "There are over 400,000 Ohioans out of work today. Ohioans are not better off than they were four years ago." Romney supporter Jason Hartkemeyer said, "They said the stimulus package was going to bring us down in unemployment and I've not seen it."

Republicans point the national debt as a major stumbling block for Obama. "The debt is getting excessive which we don't want to saddle our kids and grand kids with," said one Romney supporter. "We just passed 16 trillion dollars in debt the other day and no one seems to give it even a blink," said another.

Asked what would happen if Romney and his fellow Republicans can't convince the American people and Barack Obama wins a second term in office, Hartkemeyer said, "That's a scary thought." Another supporter said, "Four more years of Obama and our country is screwed."

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