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SEC: Free championships to good home

The mighty Bo Jackson - Superman wears pajamas with his picture on them. (Source: Matt Quillen/RNN) The mighty Bo Jackson - Superman wears pajamas with his picture on them. (Source: Matt Quillen/RNN)
I got a great deal, but you have to put your own little football guy on them. (Source: terren in Virginia/Flickr) I got a great deal, but you have to put your own little football guy on them. (Source: terren in Virginia/Flickr)

(RNN) – The season-opening loss may have been a disappointment for Texas A&M, but nobody had a better summer than the Aggies – "earning" two conference and two national championships.

Along with a full-frontal assault to show everyone how happy it was to be part of the SEC (frequent flyer miles?), the home of the 12th Man added the 1919 and 1927 titles to its accomplishments. And for good measure, they tacked on 1997 and 2010 Big 12 decorations to the Kyle Field exterior.

Questionable? Got that right. Outright lunacy? Could be. Shameless attempt to fit in? You might be on to something.

But, you know, they already got them on the wall … so … what's new with you?

The Big 12 accolades are more implausible than Taken 3: Liam Neeson's family can't catch a break. In '97, A&M got trounced by Nebraska, 54-15, in the conference championship and in 2010, they finished in a three-way tie for their division but didn't even play in the title game.

The two claims as the top team have a sliver of truth to them. The teams got selected as national champions by some of the off-brand organizations - groups like Billingsley Report, Dunkel System, Helms Athletic Foundation, Houlgate System and Billy's Rankings & Bait Shack Emporium.

However, they were not crowned until years after the season had been played, when those folks went back and awarded titles retroactively. Aggieland never bothered to acknowledge them until 2012.

Maybe they were trying to be like the cool kids of the new conference. I don't want to name names [Alabama], but somebody [Alabama] has been grabbing each and every supposed honor they [Alabama] could get from every guy with an abacus and a few minutes of free time to make a poll.

(Yes, I'm an Auburn grad. Doesn't mean I'm wrong. Why is your face turning crimson right now?)

Of the Tide's most curious stakes to retroactive history, including 1926, 1930 and 1945, none fall further down the ravine of ridiculousness than 1941. That year, the Associated Press had the two-loss Elephants ranked 20th, and they finished third in the SEC.

So with that in mind, why don't we take a trip through time to see who else could snatch up an extra trophy?

Let's start with the beloved Auburn Loveliest Village On The Plains Tiger War Eagles, because let's face it, they aren't winning anything else this season.

Auburn LVOTPTWE (1957, 2010 titles claimed):

Poor cherished, disrespected Auburn. In 1983, the No. 3-ranked Bo Jacksons won their Sugar Bowl matchup, while the top-2 teams both suffered defeat, but No. 5 Miami jumped them to get the AP crown.

The undefeated 1993 and 2004 teams don't have quite as good of a claim; the former was on NCAA probation, and the latter had the misfortune of being preseason ranked behind USC and an Oklahoma team who, clearly, no voter watched all season or else they would have realized how pathetic they were when compared to the other two … let's move on.

Missouri Tigers (No titles claimed)

The other new guys added a couple, so we'll at least give Mizzou one.

The 1960 Tigers finished 11-0 officially, even though they lost to Kansas in their final regular season game. Turns out, the Jayhawks brought an illegal to the Border War (too soon?) – they had a player declared ineligible and forfeited the win.

Kentucky Wildcats (No titles claimed)

The Wildcats fell short of a perfect season in their last game of 1950, losing to rival Tennessee. However, they went on to face the No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners in the Sugar Bowl and won 13-7.

The AP voters named the Sooners national champs that year anyway, since they did it before the bowl games were played. And they did it this way for decades because ... I have no clue why they did this. Wanted New Year's off maybe? Let's go with that.

Vanderbilt Commodores (No titles claimed)

Vanderbilt really has no claim to any championships, and it probably never will. But let's see if we can find something in the annals to hang a first-place ribbon on, in appreciation of the ‘Dores keeping the conference GPA respectable.

They did finish ranked 12th way on back yonder in the days of 1948 – the last time they finished in the rankings by the way. The '48 squad overcame an 0-2-1 start to win their next eight games.

They even earned victories over No. 15 Tennessee and No. 12 Miami to finish the year, so that's close enough for me.

It's still better than that '41 Bama title, right? I mean, come on! That's just outrageous; the nerve of these guys to even try to spin that garba ... hey, where are you going?

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