Residents unite for heroin rally in Dayton, KY

Residents unite for heroin rally in Dayton, KY

DAYTON, KY (FOX19) - Dozens of residents attended a rally at the Elks Lodge in Dayton after a woman overdosed on heroin over the weekend across the street from Lincoln Elementary School.

A woman was discovered unresponsive inside her car by a passerby. Police say the woman and her pregnant passenger had used heroin just moments before,

Neighbors say the heroin problem is getting out of hand.

"The much needed crackdown on the so called pill mills are making oxycontin and percocet and that kind of stuff more expensive and heroin's actually one of the cheapest things you can buy right now," said Mac McArthur, who runs the Transitions treatment facility. "So, it's more plentiful and it's cheaper. Seventy-five percent of our intakes over the last couple of years have been heroin related and in our detox unit it's been closer to ninety percent."

"Our hands are tied with  budget constraints. At a time when the treatment is needed more the funding is getting cut," said Karen Hargett, McArthur's assistant.

It's not just in Dayton, Kentucky, it's practically everywhere and because it's not a crime of violence, or a felony, cops arrest people and the system turns them loose. Law enforcement everywhere has stepped it up to fight this problem.

"We have been out there, we have been going after the names of people that are constantly coming into our office and we have been making arrests on these people," said Dayton Police Chief Scott O'Brien.

In Dayton, they've made steps to do something about it.

"We've actually hired on two more officers to up the patrols in some of these areas and we've assigned a new detective's position that's going to work on heroin and these type of drug cases," said O'Brien.

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