Man admits to kidnapping, torturing children

Man admits to kidnapping, torturing children

BATAVIA, OH (FOX19) - A man has admitted that he kidnapped and tortured children for several years in his Clermont County home.

Michael Tringelof, 43, was facing several counts of kidnapping, abduction and endangering children. He pled guilty to some of those charges and was sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

One of the victims, who was 10 years old when he was kidnapped by Tringelof in 1986, spoke at the hearing. That victim's case was not included in Tringelof's charges because a statute of limitations had expired. However, after he came forward, several other victims also claimed they were tortured, leading to the charges against Tringelof.

Tringelof was arrested in June 2012 for tying up and torturing a victim in 2005. The victim was nine or ten years old at the time.

Miami Township Police say seven additional victims came forward after that case.

Police say the incidents happened at Tringelof's former residence on Linden Drive between 1999 and 2001. Those victims include four boys and three girls who police say were between the ages of 6 and 12 at the time of the incidents.

While most alleged victims are now adults, two are still minors. Police say the victims are all believed to be either friends of Tringelof's two children, a babysitter, or simply neighborhood friends. Police believe all of the incidents to be sexually motivated.

Police say Tringelof had his basement set up as a play area and game room. They say that is where he would tie the victims up with zip ties and other means, blindfold the kids, and then use everything from a feather duster to nails to poke them. Police say they believe the incidents lasted anywhere from a few minutes upwards of 30 minutes at a time. They say Tringelof threatened some of the children if they told and that a few of the victims were victimized more than once.

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