Mason police investigating rash of thefts from cars

Mason police investigating rash of thefts from cars

Police in the city of Mason are trying to track down the thieves responsible for nearly 30 burglaries.

The thefts have occurred during the past three weeks in the neighborhoods of Birchwood Farms, Codington Reserve and Hickory Woods.

One common element about the thefts is that they may have been prevented. Officer Aaron Shaffer says the victims made their valuables easy targets for the thieves.

"Thefts from vehicles and thefts from vehicles that were located in garages in which garage doors were left open," said Shaffer.

The cars that were targeted were also left unlocked. Officer Shaffer says in most cases the victims were home at the time of the thefts.

"They might even be upstairs watching TV and not hearing a thing," he said. "It doesn't take a whole lot of time to just walk in the garage and grab one item and walk out or open a car door and grab whatever item is laying on the seat and out the garage they go."

These are thefts of opportunity so Shaffer recommends making your valuables harder to steal.

"To leave just a light on or a motion sensor to deter those thieves from coming up into your driveway and pulling on your car door handle....because that's what they're doing they're going from house to house just pulling on car door handles and if one's open they'll get in there and take whatever they can grab," he said.

Its not clear if its just one or a couple of thieves, but Shaffer says investigators are trying to find out. "We're going to get out in force and do some extensive extra patrols. We'll have some undercover individuals out and about, foot patrols."

Shaffer says the thefts are something police don't take lightly.

"They take it very personal and they work very hard to make sure our residents feel safe not only in their home, their subdivision and city," he said.

Police strongly advise citizens not to take the law into their own hands so if you do catch a thief, don't try to handle it yourself, but call 911 instead.

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