Plow drivers prepare for snow

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's not even Fall yet, but before we know it, that four letter word will return to the Tri-State.

Snow seems a far distance memory and while many people are not excited for its return, the snow plow drivers say they are ready to go.

"I'm always ready for snow," said 10-year snow plow veteran Greg Nicewonger. "You have to be."

The roads may be clear right now, but dozens of snow plow drivers saddled up for the 2012 Snow Roadeo.

"It's just basically getting you ready for the wintertime," Nicewonger explained. "Just getting you prepared, get in the truck, and get a little practice in."

Drivers from across Hamilton County tested their skills in the driving course.

It is set up to mimic narrow roads, tight turns and obstacles like mailboxes and cars.

"Not everybody can just jump in and drive," Nicewonger said. "I mean it does take time. You've got to do it every day."

But the Snow Roadeo is not just all business.

"The drivers, obviously they want to be recognized as being the best," explained Ted Hubbard, Hamilton County Engineer. "And there's an opportunity to be recognized for real good performance."

"Everybody wants to outdo everybody else," Nicewonger added. "We're broken down into barns. So each barn competes with each other."

Last winter, the drivers didn't get to put their skills in motion very often, but they think this year is another story.

"We had a pretty warm winter last year," Hubbard reflected. "I'd say the law of averages would probably put us in a position where we're going to have a more active winter. We're probably going to be called out a lot more."

"It's supposed to be real cold and snowy," Nicewonger predicted. "And I'm hoping for it. That's overtime."

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