Republican and Democrats differ on early voting regulations

DELHI TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - As election day approaches, the controversy over early voting regulations heats up in Ohio. Secretary of State Jon Husted spoke to 200 supporters in Delhi on Monday night.

The Republican is traveling county to county to outline the rules of the election in November. "We just want to reassure voters that they know what the rules are," said Husted. "We want to make sure we have a secure process and its going to be fair."

Democrats say doing away with poll hours three days leading up to the election hurts President Obama's reelection campaign. "This is precisely why Husted and the Republicans have tried to prevent weekend voting. It's very clear that the bulk of the 90,000 people who voted in the last three days of the 2008 election were democrats and for the most part were African Americans who were supporting President Obama," said Tim Burke, chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party.

"It's nonsense," said Burke's counterpart, Alex Triantafilou.  "It's never been easier to vote than it is right now in Ohio. We went from having election day to election month plus," said the chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party.

Husted said this is not a political issue. "Let's leave the partisan spats on each side. Let's focus on the candidates and the quality of their ideas, the issues that people really care about," said Husted.

Early voting in Ohio begins on Oct. 2.

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