FOX19 Exclusive: New developments in NCH beating case

Pat Mahaney
Pat Mahaney

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, OH (FOX19) - There's new information in the North College Hill incident where six teenagers brutally beat a 45-year-old man.

FOX19 News has obtained police reports that show that a brother of two of the juveniles went after a brother of one of the witnesses in the case.

The actual witness is 6 feet tall, weighs 270 pounds and is a former wrestler.

Marquis Rhodes was sitting on porch with some friends at the corner of Dallas and Simpson on August 11 and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw six teen boys attack Pat Mahaney.

"Man, it was terrible, his nose was bleeding real bad, black eye, it was terrible," said Rhodes.

"We were like 'don't do that' and then they just did it anyway," answered Rhodes.

When the kids saw Rhodes coming to break up the fight he said, "They all just ran. They just dispersed in all different directions."

But it didn't end Aug. 11. On Sept. 4, all six teens appeared in juvenile court and were sent to jail. Also on Sept. 4, an older brother to two of the kids went after Rhodes' little brother in the hallway of North College Hill High School.

According to police reports, Rhodes' brother was knocked to the ground, struck in the face and lost two teeth.

"They had been pretty upset with us because they had found out that we had told about it," said Rhodes.

In another development, FOX19 has obtained police reports which show 17 separate incidents in just the last few months where police were called to the home where two of the juveniles live in Section 8 housing. The North College Hill Police asked the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority to look into the possibility of evicting them because of so many police calls. The family was served with a Notice of Eviction and has 30 days to move out.

Some of the juveniles go back to court Thursday, while others go back to court next week.

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