CPS Board approves new teacher evaluation policy

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - On Wednesday, the Cincinnati Public School Board approved a new teacher evaluation policy that will affect the 2,000 teachers in the district.

The policy change is in accordance with the new standards-based statewide teacher evaluation framework adopted by the State Board of Education. All 614 districts in Ohio must follow the new evaluation policy that bases 50 percent on student growth.

"50 percent of it is based on an evaluator going into the classroom, to evaluate the teacher," said Mary Ronan, Superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools. "The other 50 percent is looking at value add test scores, student learning objectives. So it is that student growth piece that is brand new in the state of Ohio."

President of the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers, Julie Sellers, believes the new policy won't benefit students anymore than the current one does but is pleased with some revisions the board made Wednesday.

"I do think that some of the revisions that they made today are great," said Sellers. "It is going to be a pilot year this year so we can continue to look at what those measures are going to look like."

During the pilot year of the policy teachers will not face consequences as a result of their ratings. Ratings will only be reviewed with teachers and will not go on teacher's permanent file.

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