Park Board will no long erect signs with rules

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Park Board voted Thursday to strike down a rule that allowed them to erect a sign at any park at any time with any rule on it.

Park Rule 28 allowed for the creation of special rules and were enforced by police.

The Park Board was facing a lawsuit by three residents living near Washington Park saying the rules at the park created in an unconstitutional fashion that discriminate against certain classes of people.

"This means that rules, including those for Washington Park and any park in Cincinnati, will have to be created in front of the Public with the ability for Public input," said Josh Spring with the Cincinnati Homeless Coalition " No longer will rules be allowed to be created by companies attempting to run public spaces.  This means that specific to Washington Park, all special rules created outside of public oversight, are now null and void and the rules for Washington Park are returned to the rules for all parks."

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