Fairfield Twp. assistant fire chief resigns after investigation

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Fairfield Township's assistant fire chief Ben Bultman has resigned following an internal investigation. Bultman had been an employee of the township for sixteen years. He was named Assistant Fire Chief in 2011.

In his resignation letter, he apologized for any problems he may have caused due to his "unauthorized access of confidential information". The township's administrator confirms Bultman had a history of helping the township with IT work. He says the townships email system was audited in August.

The resignation comes after the department's chief David Downie was fired back in May.

"Knowing how much [Bultman] is by the book, knowing the level of integrity and the respect that I have for him, yes, I find it very hard to believe he would have done anything," said William Greene, retired Fairfield Township firefighter.

William Greene worked with Bultman for years at the fire department before he retired.

"I can't think of anything bad to say about the young man," Greene said.

Greene told FOX19 he believed Bultamn would someday be Fire Chief.

"They've effectively eliminated Ben from the race by virtue of this so he doesn't have a chance," Greene said holding the resignation letter.

Bultman's resignation left Greene shaking his head and questioning whether politics were involved.

"They placed him in that [technology] position. What he did with that information… I would find it hard to believe that he in any way compromised either the township, his position, or the individuals' email with which he may have happened across," Greene said.

Currently the township is not planning to press charges, but the town administrator says that could change based on an ongoing investigation being conducted by the Butler County Sheriff's Office.

The township's administrator didn't want to be interviewed on Thursday, but he does expect the resignation to be brought up during Tuesday's trustees' meeting. The meeting will be held in the administrative building at 7 p.m.

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