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Elaine Chao campaigns for Romney in Kenwood


Former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao is campaigning for Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Chao and Ohio Lt. Governor Mary Taylor hosted a Women for Mitt event Thursday night at the Romney Victory Center in Kenwood.

Chao served as Labor Secretary for eight years under the George W. Bush administration and was the first Asian American woman appointed to the position.

"This economy is his economy," said Chao.

"While ha may have inherited a bad economy he made it worse by his policies which over taxed over regulated and made more complex the whole process of creating new jobs."

Lt. Gov. Taylor says Ohio's unemployment rate of 7.2 percent is an improvement but a Romney administration would make it drop.

"We could be doing better if we had support and had a teammate in Washington who understood what it takes to create jobs," said Taylor.

Women Romney volunteers like Cathy Scruggs say gender does play a role and Romney appeals to more women than people think.

"The Democratic party tries to portray that they're the party for women, they're the ones that are doing things for women. But I think if you really look at the women that have been in [Romney's] cabinet before as he was governor, you look at what he's done for small businesses which many women start small businesses," said Scruggs.

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