University Hospital pushes advance degrees for nurses

CLIFTON, OH (FOX19) - University Hospital nurses are pushed through continuing education to provide the best care possible.

RN Matt Gunderman has his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in nursing and worked seven years before ever achieving his dream job as a flight nurse.

"I wanted to work in a big trauma center, that's why I got into nursing and ultimately I wanted to fly in a helicopter," said Gunderman. Jumping into a helicopter is all part of the job for Gunderman who has worked the last ten years for UC Health's AirCare program.

"We're doing everything that we can to make sure that they arrive at the hospital not only alive but hopefully in better condition than when we picked them up," said Gunderman.

University Hospital is one of the only programs in the country with a flight nurse and physician on board to treat patients on the way to the hospital.

"At University Hospital we have the highest requirements in the country for the flight nurses so we come in with a lot of experience, lot of critical care experience," said Gunderman.

Chief Nursing Officer Jennifer Jackson oversees the air care program. The best hires for her are nurses able to think on their feet in critical conditions. "We continue to push people everyday to learn more so that the patients can get the highest level of care," said Jackson.

"Our air care nurses, people like Matt, that's what they do everyday."

The requirement to become a nurse are rapidly increasing.

UC Health predicts all advanced practice degrees for nurses will be at a minimum of a doctorate by 2015.

Meaning Gunderman will be heading back to school in a couple of years.

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