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Remains found west of Baghdad Identified

Remains found west of Baghdad Identified

On Tuesday, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said the reamains found west of Baghdad by US Military Police have been identified as a South Korean civilian who had been held hostage by Iraqi Insurgents. The man had been beheaded and the head was recovered with the body. The body was confirmed to be that of Kim Sun-il, the man broadcast earlier in the week on the Arab Television Network, Al-Jazeera, begging for his life. 

Kim Sam-hoon, the South Korean Ambassador to the United Nations, spoke about South Korea's continuing role in the troubled region. Sam-hoon says "for it's part, the republic of Korea believes strongly in the efforts of the international community to rebuild a free and democratic Iraq, and the republic of Korea remains committed to this noble goal."

Tuesday South Korea's government urged businesses with civilans in Iraq to remove them. However, South Korea will reportedly continue with plans to send 3,000 troups to Erbil in the Northern Kurdish region of Iraq.

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