Mom Wants Son's Death to Slow Down Teen Drivers

Friends and family said goodbye tonight to a Tri-State teenager killed in a motorcycle crash. That young man's mom wants his mangled bike to scare the living daylights out of all teens who drive.

Friends and family gathered around Terry Strunk Jr.'s cracked-up motorcycle, remembering the way the 19 year old live his life---in the fast lane.

"He loved I guess to take chances, he always went to the edge," said his mom, Cathy Strunk.

His good friend, Jacob Kaelher added, "He was daring, he was daring..if he wasn't going fast, he wasn't happy."

A fast car and a fast bike is what strunk lived for. On Friday evening, it's what he died for. Cathy Strunk says her son was a compassionate young man who loved animals. He was a hardworker and invested most of the money he earned into his bike and car, hobbies he picked up from his father when he was a child. Mrs. Strunk begged her son to slow down and thinks the message did finally sink in, but not soon enough.

"He was gonna sell it this summer. He knew it was too much of a temptation," said Mrs. Strunk.

On Friday police say Strunk was headed north on Ohio 128 in Whitewater Township, but was passing cars on the southbound side of the center line. When a Northbound SUV turned left, Strunk hit it, and was killed.

"He was my best friend in the world, I just, I just don't know what to do," said Kaehler.

"He always suffered the consequences of his decision but this decision the family is suffering the consequences," said Strunk.

trunk wants other teenagers to see the pain she and her family are in--hoping it will make an impression.

"Life doesn't have to be lived so can slow down and enjoy the moment.
Please, please don't do this to your mothers."