GOP's Paul Ryan holds town hall in Cincinnati

Dozens show up to protest Paul Ryan

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan has told a Cincinnati audience that he and Mitt Romney will tackle the debt crisis, improve unemployment and cut spending if they're elected.

Ryan spoke mostly in generalities about how he and Romney would solve those problems and criticized President Barack Obama for not fixing them during four years in office.

Ryan's comments came during a town hall Tuesday at Byer Steel Group in Carthage.

About 45 people showed up to protest Paul Ryan.

Representatives from the American Federation of Labor, Alliance for Retired Americans and other groups gathered at Byer Steel Group Tuesday morning. Protestors voiced their objections to Mitt Romney's controversial 47 percent remarks. Officials from the Ohio AFL-CIO expressed concerns about Romney's policies and how they may affect the middle class.

"Mitt Romney wanted to let the auto industry go bankrupt. One in eight Ohio jobs are connected with the auto industry here so it's definitely not for Ohioans," said Doug Sizemore, of the AFL-CIO.

Ryan next will meet Romney at what their campaign says is an afternoon victory rally at the Dayton International Airport.

Obama also will be in Ohio this week as he visits the college towns of Bowling Green and Kent on Wednesday.

Both candidates have new ads aimed at winning working-class voters who could help swing the election.

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