Kings Island begins taking Son of Beast apart

Source: Don Helbig, Kings Island PR
Source: Don Helbig, Kings Island PR

The work of taking apart the Son of Beast roller coaster has begun at Kings Island, more than a decade after it opened.

Billed as the world's tallest and fastest wooden coaster and with a signature loop in 2000, the ride was idled repeatedly at the southwest Ohio theme park. It closed for nearly a year for reconstruction after a 2006 accident injured more than two dozen people. It closed again after a woman reported being hurt in 2009. Park officials considered options, then decided to give up on the ride.

Its track rose to a 218-foot peak with trains reaching speeds of 78 mph.

According to Kings Island officials, there is more than 1.65 million board feet of timber for the construction crew to tear down. That's more than 312 miles.

It will take several months for the ride to be completely dismantled.

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