Parolee Escapes

Parolee who fails to report to parole officer is considered escapee

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled today that failing to meet with a parole officer has been considered escape under state law ever since March 17th, 1998. That applies even if the original crime was committed before Ohio's escape law was changed to include parolees in 1996.

Between 1996 and 1998, one state law on escape said it applies to parolees and another said it didn't. The justices ruled five-to-two to overturn a ruling from an appeals court in Cuyahoga County. That reinstates an escape conviction for Alexander Thompson, who failed to report to his parole officer and return to his halfway house in 1999.

The original crime for which he was sentenced was committed before the law changed. The majority said the escape is a new offense, which was after 1998.