Ohio Auditor's Office investigates attendance records of local schools

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - The state of Ohio Auditor's Office has launched an investigation into dozens of school districts across the state of Ohio, looking into inconsistencies with attendance records. The Hamilton City School District is one of the districts on their radar.

The Hamilton City School District has about 9,400 student enrolled. District officials say between Sept. 4 and Sept. 18, four state auditors were in the district getting student records from the districts computer database.

"The pulled student folder and was looking at their enrollment, the enters and the exits, that type of thing and withdrawals. Just look at that to see if it made sense and we had the right paperwork," said Jodi Copas, District Spokesperson. She says they have nothing to hide.

"Hamilton is unique in that any student across the state of Ohio, if they are entered in a specialized court program, such as a juvenile detention center, those records are filtered in and out of student database. That might be one reason why they selected our school," said Copas.

Copas says the Hamilton School District has been diligent in making sure enrollment numbers are correct ever since the Lockland School District falsely reported enrollment information to boost its report card rating.

"It's a way to sort of pause and make sure we are doing everything correct, is there anything we need to sure up. But we are confident in our paperwork and our paper trail and we think everything will be fine," said Copas.

The Ohio Auditor's Office will release the results of their investigation by the first of the year. Partial report card ratings will be released on Wednesday and will include how Ohio districts performed academically but will not include enrollment or attendance data.

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