Scream Acres Ct. moves to new location

Scream Acres Ct. moves to new location

GREEN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A local haunted house for charity is operating under a new roof after Green Township shut it down two weeks ago.

Township Administrator Kevin Celarek told 17-year-old creator Ryan Thierauf it was unsafe and not to code. Thierauf started Scream Acres Ct. when he was eight.

Last year ticket sales were donated to The Make a Wish Foundation raising around $3,000. "Make a Wish is a great foundation, you can raise money for children who really need it," said Thierauf. "I am able to do what I love while helping them out."

Celarek told FOX19 over the phone the structure used for the haunted house did not have a permit, there were no emergency exits, emergency lights or a fire alarm system making the entire thing a fire hazard.

Thierauf says he tried to fix all the problem but the township said no and just shut it down. "They just thought it was better to take it down then spend all that money even though we were willing to work with them," said Thierauf.

Thierauf moved his operation to Scallywag Tag off Glenway Avenue in Green Township. The commercial building gives Thierauf more space and meets the township's qualifications to operate.

You can learn more about Scream Acres Ct. here and on its facebook page here.

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