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Hamilton considers parking fee at city parks during events


The City of Hamilton is considering charging for parking at city parks during events.

The city would charge between $1 and $10 for parking when major events are happening at city parks. City officials say the parking fee would help pay for the maintenance and clean-up at parks after events. If the city council approves a parking fee plan it wouldn't be rolled out until next year and there would be plenty of notice given.

"It's not only the ability for us to put revenue back into our parks, which 100 percent of this revenue would go back into the parks," said Brandon Saurber, Assistant to the City Manager. "But also to be an incentive for people to car pool and effectively decrease some of the congestion associated with these large scale events when parking is in such high demand."

At Wednesday's city council meeting city council members were introduced to the parking fee plan but did not take any action.

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