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18-wheeler's tires smash through Lake Charles home


Ron Thomas surveyed the damage to his Lake Charles home after being awakened by a loud sound early Thursday morning.

"The noise. I was scared, I thought somebody was breaking in and when I tried to get up I couldn't move because the door was laying on me," Thomas said. 

It wasn't a burglar breaking into his house on Shattuck Street just steps away from Interstate 10.

"Tires rolled off the interstate onto these two fences here and they rolled straight over this fence into the door and broke the down there and landed on side of my bed," Thomas explained.

Tires. Not like the ones with flowers growing out of them in his front yard, but tires belonging to an 18-wheeler trailer.
Thomas' bedroom is completely destroyed and many of his personal belongings damaged, including a missing pet. 

"My turtle was in his aquarium and it broke and I don't know where he's at," Thomas said. "So, if you seen him, call him in". 

Having only suffered minor injuries and a sleepless night, he knows it could have been worse.  

"I still see the scene, I still see myself jumping up... I'll get over it eventually but it's a scary scene... I thank God I'm still here," he said.

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