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New development causes controversy in Oakley


A new development is creating controversy in Oakley.

Vandercar Holdings is seeking to build a $10 million center near Crossroads Church. It would have chain restaurants and other businesses.

Due to the decrease in population within the city of Cincinnati over the last few decades, no liquor licenses are available for new development. Therefore, Vandercar has asked the city to designate the center an entertainment district so it can get the 14 licenses it says it needs to attract the restaurants.

Oakley Community Council met on Tuesday night to discuss the development.

Those in support of the development say Oakley Station would bring new customers and more money to most Oakley businesses.

"Look at Kenwood. Kenwood drives businesses because of the density of the shoppers that go to shop there. And it drives shoppers to areas outside of the direct vicinity of the Kenwood Mall. So, I think it would enhance Oakley and I want to enhance Oakley," said J. Robert Smyjunas Jr. of Vandercar Holdings.

Those against say the large national chains would create direct competition and ultimately take business away and drop property values. 

"The chains come in and they undercut the pricing. But the most important thing is that the city doesn't generate income because the wages are low and there's no property tax income because there's no residences. And then worse is the city doesn't benefit because the profit is taken to where the restaurants are located so we're actually defeating our purpose of revitalization," said Beau Bolce of Quince & Quinn.

"The small business owners, I think, really make a difference in the neighborhoods in Cincinnati and I want to stay a part of that. I don't think it makes sense to bring in huge box stores that really threaten the investment that I've made and the risk that I've taken for this neighborhood and this city," said Leigh Enderle or Maribelle's restaurant.

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