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Youth football coach suspended after allowing players to urinate on shirt


A Northern Kentucky youth football coach has been suspended for allowing his players to urinate on an opponents t-shirt.

The incident happened last year, but coach Craig Ruber participated in a game this season while he was still under suspension.

Witnesses say 24 players were present during last year's incident and four players refused to participate.

In our commitment to balanced news, FOX19 asked Ruber for his side of the story, but he said his lawyer advised him not to talk with us.

"We had evidence that came to us that a third and fourth grade coach to motivate his team, lined up third and fourth graders around in a circle and had them urinate on an opponent's t-shirt," said Allen Burkhart, Director of North Central Kentucky Youth Football League.

An assistant coach was there as well.

"We asked the boys if they'd, you know, like to take a pee on it they they're boys and, you know, they jumped on it. It wasn't no big deal," said Assistant Coach Tony Hoffman.

The mother of one of the kids was also present for the incident.

"It was just something that they did. No one told them to do it, no one asked them to do it, he didn't think it was a big deal," said parent Angel Donely.

Witnesses say the coach also offered $20 to his players if any of them would intentionally hurt one of the opponents.

"He had offered kids a certain amount of money if three of the star players of their opponent was to be hauled off the field due to injury that he would pay the whole team $20 a piece," said Burkhart.

On Sunday, a boy's nose was broken by the same team, according to the boy's father and Burkhart.

At this time, the coach can join the league again next year after his suspension is up.

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