Tell, Tom Updates

The Delphi Township woman accused of stealing nearly $1,500 in Girl Scout cookie dough from her daughter's troop will be back in court July 9th for a preliminary hearing.

That's when Anita Barnes will have an opportunity to tell a judge her side of the story.

The 25-year-old mother of three is also charged with stealing $1,500 bucks from her grandmother. Money, police say, the woman borrowed so Barnes could pay off the cookie debt.

Sources say Barnes and her husband are addicted to pain killers and may have used the money to support their drug habit.

Remember Randy Brossart?

November of 2002, Randy shot his first deer. Naturally, he wanted the head mounted, like his dad's rack hanging on the family's living room wall.

Randy hired Mueller's Taxidermy in Butler, Kentucky. Randy gave the owner, Tim Mueller, $140. Another $140 when due when the job was finished.

In April, 15 months later, Randy didn't see hide nor hair of his deer head.

So he called FOX 19 for help.

"Do you have the deer head," FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi asked Mueller at the man's home. "Yes, I do have the deer head," he said. "Now what do you want in exchange for the head," said Sussi. We'll have to go to court," said Mueller. Just give him the head," said Sussi before Mueller shut the door.

Well, Randy did just that and went to Small Claims Court. The judge's ruling: Mueller kept the $140, and was ordered to return Randy's antlers and pelt. FOX 19 is helping Randy get the job finished.