Concrete Company Helps Woman

The last time we saw Keith Brewster, the concrete contractor was ducking our questions and driving off in his car.

In March, Barbara Flowers paid Brewster $5,900 to replace her drive-way. The contract clearly states Brewster was also to replace the sidewalk and apron.

But Brewster never finished the job. The day he was to pour the concrete, Forest Park building inspectors caught Brewster trying to scrimp on materials. The sub-grade had too much gravel.

Brewster poured what concrete he had and told Flowers he needed another $1,200 to complete the job! Barbara refused to hand over another dime, and called FOX 19 for help after Brewster walked off the job.

FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi met with Keith Brewster at Barbara's house.

"Is this your contract," Sussi asked Brewster holding up a copy of his agreement with Barbara. "Yes," said Brewster.

But instead of trying to work it out, Brewster retreated to his car and drove off.

After our story aired, Newport's Totally Concrete came to the rescue, and finished Barbara's job.

Totally Concrete provided the labor. Ernst concrete donated half of the materials. And, for about $300 bucks, Barbara's drive way finally completed.

"It means a whole lot. Thank you," Barbara told Totally Concrete owner, Gary Caudill. "I appreciate you."

If you interested in hiring Totally Concrete, you can reach them at (859) 491-0568.