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Youth football team banned, coach allowed players to urinate on shirt


A Grant County Youth Football team has been banned for the rest of the season after the coach allegedly motivated players by having them urinate on an opponent's t-shirt last year.

Coach Craig Ruber is also accused of offering his players, who are 9 and 10 years old, $20 if they injured an opposing player and put him out of the game. A mother of one of the players says she represents most of the parents and supports Ruber.

"I think that we are passionate about supporting our sports team and passionate about youth football. And I think to have teams removed, would be a real blow to this community," said Angel Donley.

A panel of youth football directors from Grant, Boone, Gallatin, Owen, Pendleton and Bracken Counties met and decided to end the season for the third and fourth grade teams based in Grant County. The board members determined Ruber was calling plays from the press box in Sunday's game while he was suspended.

On Thursday night, parents told FOX19 that there are kids on the team who weren't on the team last year but they are paying the price even though they did nothing wrong.

"He thinks the world of Coach Ruber. He thinks the world of Grant County Youth Football," Donley said of her son. "I, myself, as a parent, I've known Craig for 20 plus years and he is a man of good character and if anyone would have something to say different then they clearly don't know Craig as a person."

Ruber's attorney, Craig McDowell, has instructed Ruber not to comment and told FOX19 that he's still researching the matter and is not prepared to comment at this time.

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