Military Responds To Reports That Maupin Has Been Killed

FOX19 is actively pursuing confirmation on reports that PFC Matt Maupin has been killed in Iraq.

Several news outlets are reporting that there is a videotape showing Maupin being shot in the back of the head. However, Major Willie Harris said in a press conference that the tape is too grainy to identify the blindfolded victim.

Pentagon Officials who have seen the video say it shows a man sitting blindfoled in a room with his captors. They say that Iraqi militants describe how they shot in in the back of the head.

Major Harris was in Batavia Monday to tell Maupin's family about the tape's existence.

The 20 year old Army specialists from Batavia was among nine Americans captured two monthes ago during an ambush of a convoy West of Baghdad.

Maupin has not been seen since another videotape of him surfaces in April. Neither central command nor the pentagon have confirmed his death. is streaming that press conference