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Reds fans energized for match up with San Francisco

Reds fans in the tri-state are hoping for a win tonight against San Francisco.

Tim Kemmeth from Ottoville, OH says he has a lot of confidence going into tonight's game. "I think we can take at least one in San Francisco and if we do that I think we're really sitting good with having three back here."

Brian Wishert says his excitement is indescribable. "The Reds are looking phenomenal this year man. I've never had more high hopes in my life for the Reds than this year."

Louis Zabala is visiting Cincinnati from Miami and says he's a die-hard Reds fan. "I think the pitching staff and the bull pen is as nasty as it has ever been. Better than the nasty boys of the 90's. I think we're going to take it all the way."

Scores of highly energized  fans are on tap at the Holy Grail tonight where they're feeling very good about loving the like Craig Sekowski. "I'm feeling really good man. I mean, after two years ago  when they blew it....feeling like they got a good chance this year."

Across the river at Willie's sports bar  the Reds' winning streak is making people, like Jason Abbott, proud of the Queen City. "Yeah, its good to be from Cincinnati. I met some guys from out of town near Columbus and just the buzz was what we're going through here in Cincinnati. Everybody's got a story to tell either its UC football doing well, the Cincinnati Reds in the playoffs, the Bengals are off to a great start. We were walking through on every level. Its fun to be from Cincinnati right now."

All that pride made Gerri Lough and her husband Dal make bold predictions.  Gerri says "I want them to go all the way. I really do." Dal says "I think they win tonight with Cueto on the hill. They may lose with Letos, I hope not and then they'll probably win the first two back at home."

Sipping a beer outside the Holy Grail Drew Quigley said "I'm very excited for them. The should be able to take down the Giants pretty handily and then move on to the NLCS."

This is Louis Zabala's last night in Cincinnati, but he says "Man they're unhitable. You got the Cuban missile crisis coming in the 9th, 100 miles an hour. That's what you need in the playoffs, you need a bullpen and I think we've got it with Votto, we've got it going on."

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