Delhi gas station drops price to $1.84 per gallon Saturday

When was the last time you paid a dollar 84 for a gallon of gas? It was probably four years ago when President Obama took office.

That's the price some lucky drivers in Delhi paid Saturday, but it wasn't an accident.

Mike Davis of Delhi says he jumped at the offer. "I got a whole carload of kids and if I can get some cheap gas, I'm going to get some cheap gas."

Davis says with six children every dollar counts. "We have the two cars and traveling the kids back and forth, you know, to football practice, soccer games....whatever so yeah it makes a big difference when we can do this."

The  $1.84 gas was available from 1PM until 2:30PM Saturday and only for the first 150 customers at the Delhi Marathon.  Rosemary Kuley is a regular customer who says she drove right over. "This is great. Gosh I wish it were like this everyday. The whole country would be so much better off."

Kuley's car has a bumper sticker which makes it plain who she blames for today's high gas prices. It features a bicycle and reads "Obama's energy plan".

Shari Entris of Western Hill says she worries about the direction the country is headed. "$1.84 a gallon is just phenomenal and its hard to believe that it was that price almost four years ago when Obama took office and where we're headed now is very scary with the economy."

The sponsors of this event, Americans for Prosperity, want voters to think about the state of the economy they go to the polls.

Marc Duebber who owns the gas station says the public is fed up. "People need some relief. I mean the price of gas is just crazy. The oil companies are making record profits. Its hitting us all in our pocket books and they just need to become aware of...of how much its actually hitting people."

The deeply discounted gas had scores of drivers, like Dave Reed, willing to wait up to two hours for some deeply discounted gas.  Reed says "Between me and my wife, she's got the car in front of me, we fill both of these up it'll save us about 75-dollars between the two.

Rosemary Kuley says "If you have to go a far piece to go to work you have to cut back on essentials and you can't purchase and buy what you normally did."