How 'bout them Reds?!

BRRRRR! Grab your jacket and your's chilly this morning! Meteorologist Katy Morgan is saying that we're going to start off the morning with some patchy fog and a little bit of frost, but afternoon will be the perfect fall day. Skies today will remain partly cloudy with temperatures hitting 58°.

How 'bout them Reds?! I'm sure plenty of people will be hitting the snooze button this morning after staying up late to watch our boys crush the Giants last night 9-0! Joe Danneman is live in San Francisco so be sure to tune-in to the FOX19 Morning News for a recap of last night's blowout!

The former Ben-gal cheerleader and Dixie Heights HS teacher, Sarah Jones, is back in court this morning. Sources have told FOX19 that she is expected to plead guilty to a non-sex related misdemeanor offense. Dan Wells will be live in house this morning with the latest on Jones' upcoming trial.

Police in East Price Hill are on the look out for the suspect in an overnight shooting. They say a 21-year-old man was shot the Westmont Apartments last night but is expected to be okay. No other details have been released but if you happen to know anything about the shooting, please call CrimeStoppers at 513-352-3040.

The greeting card industry now has a new competitor - good ol' social media. Instead of sending a "physical" congratulations or happy birthday, well-wishers are resorting to "liking" a status or sending an e-card. What do you think about this? Are you okay with getting a status like or would you prefer the gesture behind an actual card? Come share your thoughts (yes, on our Facebook page)!

I typically try to stick to locally-oriented news, but this story blew my mind. A mom in North Carolina is expected in court today after she gave her 11-year-old daughter a tattoo. Apparently the tattoo is only a small heart on the child's shoulder...but at 11?! Rob Williams and Jessica Brown will have more on the charges that the mom is facing coming up on FOX19.

Have you ever participated in Habitat for Humanity? I've never done it, but I might have to take up the opportunity at their newest project in Evanston. Coming up during the 10 a.m. Morning XtraDan Wells and Stephanie Woods will be talking live with Marissa Woodly on ways to become involved in helping the community!

That, my friends, are your headlines for this chilly fall morning. Have a great start to your work week!