Batavia Holds Prayer Vigil

A prayer vigil was held Monday night in downtown Batavia, Ohio, for Army Specialist Keith "Matt" Maupin. The Arab TV station Al-Jazeera reported yesterday that Iraqi militants had killed Maupin, who was captured in an April ambush on a convoy west of Baghdad.

A Baptist pastor, the Reverend Brent Snook, says the 20-year-old Maupin used to take part in youth activities at his church and had become a Christian before being sent to Iraq. Snook says Maupin's hometown hasn't stopped praying for him. He says the town is full of yellow ribbons and lights in home windows that serve as visual reminders. An Army official was sent to Batavia to meet with Maupin's family. The Pentagon said a videotape shows a man being shot in the back of the head, but the tape was too grainy to identify the victim.