Diploma Denied

Valedictorian to receive diploma withheld after she knocked school in speech

She'll get her diploma, but not an apology. A valedictorian who was denied her high school diploma after she criticized her New York City school in her commencement speech will get the document during a ceremony Thursday. But she won't get the apology she wants from education officials. Last week, Tiffany Schley angered school official by complaining in her speech that Brooklyn's High School of Legal Studies was overcrowded and that the teaching and guidance counseling were inadequate. She was refused her diploma when she went to pick it up. The city's deputy schools chancellor says an investigation is under way. Schley meantime, says she stands by what she said -- because, in her words, "it was the truth and the truth hurts."

Schley was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by her classmates and has been accepted to Smith College on a full scholarship.