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Concession stands raising money for charity


Concession stands are a nostalgic part of a baseball game.

The popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs and beer are all ball park necessities. "The biggest part is getting a hot dog and a beer or a coke. It's kind of what we do as a family, makes the game ten times better," said Reds fan Sarah Aicklen.

Long lines may take more time but it also means more money for fundraising groups like the Advocates for Catholic Education and Organizations, A.C.E.O.

"We broke $10,000 for the first time last night so that's how busy we were, I mean even on Opening Days, so it's been really busy and really exciting," said A.C.E.O worker Erin Clark.

Even Giants fans are willing to support Cincinnati's charitable cause.

"Major league baseball should always try to help out people in need," said Christian Rasmussen, a San Francisco Bay native now living in Louisville, Ky.

‘'There's a lot of money coming in and out of everything and we need to help everybody that can be helped."

So even though you might miss part of the game, and have to stand in line, your money is making a difference beyond the game of baseball.

"I think it makes people feel better. The prices are pretty high, expensive so that makes people feel like it going to a good cause instead of just the vendors," said Reds fan Denny Carroll.

And with game five on the table, it's just one more chance to raise money for a good cause.

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