Happy 10-11-12!

If you're planning on heading out to game #5 at GABP, Meteorologist Katy Morgan has some good news for you! Our Thursday forecast will start off a little chilly but we can expect to see mostly sunny skies and highs hitting the low 60s this afternoon!

As I just said in my little weather spiel, despite two disappointing losses in a row our Cincinnati Reds will be taking the mound in game #5 against the San Francisco Giants today. Thanks to Oakland beating the Tigers, first pitch at GABP is scheduled for 1:07 p.m. Jessica Brown will be live this morning with more on today's events.

Fun fact of the day: the last time the Reds played in a decisive playoff game was during the 1975 World Series game against Boston. After Carlton Fisk's walk-off homerun during game 6, the Big Red Machine clinched in game 7 thanks to Joe Morgan's RBI single in the 9th inning.

Here's some good news for the city - a $40,000 grant has been issued to Cincinnati to help improve student literacy. The money will be used to recruit and train 50 tutors at five different schools so that reading milestones can be met by the third grade. Rob Williams and Sheila Gray will have the complete school list during the FOX19 Morning News.

A Milford man is facing charges for an accident that killed a 16-year-old boy in March. Prosecutors say that 23-year-old Adam Horvath fell asleep behind the wheel and hit Collin Barton, who was walking home after a party. Originally Horvath wasn't going to be charged in the case, but new evidence has since led to a vehicular manslaughter charge.

In the crazy world of politics, VP Joe Biden and nominee Paul Ryan will be squaring off tonight in the first and only Vice Presidential debate. Jean West of WAVE in Louisville will be joining us this morning from Centre College with a look at Biden's past debate experience.

It's not even Halloween yet and retail stores are already starting to stock the shelves with Christmas getup. Are you one to head out on Black Friday or do you wait for Cyber Monday? Coming up during our 7 a.m. hour, we'll be chatting live with Trae Bodge of RetainMeNot.com on when you can get the best deals while crossing off names for your shopping list.

As always, we have a huge lineup for you in today's double-dose of the FOX19 Morning Xtra! Stephanie Woods and Rob Williams will have the inside scoop on a local ghost tour, getting crafty with the Labyrinth Arts Festival and talking with Cinci native and professional soccer player, Heather Mitts, on how to party like a pro but still staying classy! You won't want to miss it!