Fund established to pay funeral costs for toddler hit by car

Nursing Home Accident

WESTWOOD, OH (FOX19) - As Cincinnati police continue to investigate Monday's traffic accident that claimed the life of a 3-year-old toddler, some folks in the Westwood community are coming together to help the boy's family.

3-year-old Rodriguez Taylor was hit by a car as he walked with his mother and two brothers along the 3000 block of McHenry Avenue.

News of the fatal accident touched the hearts of complete strangers, but some decided they had to do something to help the family.

Karen Jackson works at nearby Residence at Greystone where she says news of the toddler's death touched the hearts of employees and residents. "We just decided to do a little memorial thing with stuffed animals," said Jackson.

The memorial provides a sobering reminder of the violent accident that claimed Taylor's life and Jackson says they're going to do more. "We're also collecting money for his burial," she said.

Jackson says her fellow employees and some residents of the Greystone nursing home know the pain of losing a child. "I think the reason this did hit so close to home is because it's right in the community and there's a few employees at Greystone that lost children their self so we know what the mother and the family is going through and what she'll keep going through," she said.

Jocelyn Austin, Taylor's mother, is trying to provide for her family and Jackson says it's easy to identify with her struggle. "We've decided that we're going to do a few little things for the family because she's a mother out there, you know, a single mother trying to take care of her children. Getting up early in the morning every morning, going to work and at least she's trying so we want to help her as much as we can," said Jackson.

Cincinnati police say no charges have been filed against the 35-year-old driver of the car that hit Taylor and funeral arrangements for the young  boy are pending.

Donations to cover funeral expenses can be made at any Fifth Third Bank.

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