Child Killer Goes Free

Convicted child killer goes free

Convicted child killer Joel Steinberg has left a New York state prison -- in a limo. He had served about 15 years behind bars in the 1987 beating death of his illegally adopted six-year-old daughter. The case drew national attention. Steinberg left prison this morning with 104 dollars from his inmate account. His lawyer picked him up in a limo at the prison about 150 miles west of New York City. A half-dozen cars with reporters followed.

The girl died three days after a vicious beating in the New York City apartment where she lived with Steinberg and his former lover, Hedda Nussbaum. Nussbaum has said she would flee New York rather than face Steinberg again. The Journal News reports she has quit her job at a domestic violence center. Her small home in Carmel was apparently empty.