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Two candidates for Hamilton County sheriff stand strong

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Lincoln Stokes in 1987. That was the last time someone other than Simon Leis wore the sheriff's badge in Hamilton County.

Leis is retiring after 24 years and his endorsement falls on his chief deputy, Sean Donovan.

Donovan, a thirty year law enforcement veteran says he is the best choice in the race.

"I run the day-to-day operations of the sheriff's office which is an 800 man law enforcement agency with about a 56 million dollar budget," said the Republican candidate.

Plagued by budget cuts over the past several years, Donovan said he has administrative experience to keep the sheriff's office running.

"The sheriff's office is a multi-faceted operation. It's a big business," he said.

But Donovan said his number one priority is public safety.

"It's safety in the community. It's safety in our neighborhoods and it's safety within our correctional facilities. I take that very seriously," said Donovan. "And that's why I'm running for this office and that's why I'm the most qualified individual for this office."

On the other side of the ballot is Democratic candidate Jim Neil.

Neil is also has thirty years of law enforcement under his badge and said he will end the "cronyism" of the current administration.

"It's the good ‘ol boy system in short," said Neil. "You need fresh ideas. You need people moving into positions who bring fresh ideas, a fresh look on matters."

While Donovan admits the role of the sheriff is more administrative than actually making arrests, Neil plans to take a more hands on approach.

"I am the candidate with actual law enforcement experience. "I am the candidate with actual formal education in urban police management and jail management," said Neil.

Both candidates have a web site to further their campaign.

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