DHL transports tiger from CVG to London

HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - DHL Express transported a Sumatran tiger from Cincinnati to London over the weekend.

ZSL London Zoo is hoping to breed Sumatran tigers as part of a wider conservation support program. The zoo enlisted the help of DHL Express to transport two tigers: Melati, a female tiger from Australia who arrived in London on Sept. 29 and Jae-Jae, a male tiger from the Akron Zoo.

Jae-Jae was loaded into a 767 aircraft on Saturday for his trip to London. He arrived in London on Sunday at 8 p.m. after a layover in Leipzig. The tiger could not be in transit for more than 24 hours without being grounded and fed.

A dedicated zookeeper from ZSL London Zoo traveled with each tiger.  Space was also made on board for comfort items and food, including two gallons of water and around 10 lbs of meat. Bespoke traveling crates were also created for the tigers, equipped with infrared cameras to allow each tiger's on-board keeper to monitor their well being throughout the journey.

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