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Paul Ryan hosts a rally at Lunken Airfield

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A new Reuters poll shows President Obama leading nationwide among people who've voted early. So when Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan touched down at Lunken Airport Monday, he had a message tailored for getting his supporters out early, too.

"Friends, don't forget early voting's already started here in Ohio," Ryan said, as the Obama campaign claimed it is winning the early vote here. "What that means is you can vote early so that on Election Day, you can help get people to the polls."

As for why voters should put Republicans in the White House, Ryan accused Obama of a string of broken promises.

"Remember when he said he'd put all those healthcare negotiations on C-SPAN so everybody could watch it?" Ryan asked the chuckling crowd. "It was a deal they cut in a back room in (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid's office and jammed it through with one party rule."

Ryan also told the crowd the president's healthcare law is leading to a dozen new taxes on the middle class. That's a claim PolitiFact calls "mostly false."

But also in his message, something everyone can agree on.

"We need jobs. We need growth," Ryan said.

Following his speech, he then walked over to a nearby lunch line that had been set-up and began serving Montgomery Inn barbecue.

For one woman, who was caught on FOX19's microphone, the whole scene was just too much.

"He's so cute!" she said. "I'm too nervous to eat!"

Up next is something much more serious for the Romney/Ryan campaign --- the second presidential debate tomorrow night. It'll air on FOX19 at 9 p.m. Tuesday.

Gov. Romney picked-up a huge amount of momentum in the first debate and his challenge tomorrow night is to keep that up while facing a president who's expected to be much more aggressive after a rather sleepy performance last time.

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