Debate continues over Issue 4

Issue 4 debate continues

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati city council's terms could extend to four years come November.

In August, council voted to place the proposal, Issue 4, on the ballot. 'Yes' on Issue 4 would keep members on council for four years. 'No' on Issue 4 would maintain the current two-year term.

Issue 4 supporters say that having only two-year terms means that an election is always right around the corner and council members are always campaigning. Those against it say it means more power and less accountability.

Cincinnati City Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan is the force behind Issue 4. It was her proposal and idea that got the issue on the ballot soon to be in the hands of the voters. "All of council would be up at the same time," she said.

Three years on council, Quinlivan says it's a common sense issue. But former councilman Jeff Berding says voters need the option of every two years to hold council responsible.

Last November, council went through a severe shake-up, adding four new members and a super majority of Democrats. Quinlivan says four-year terms give everyone the chance to invest in bigger ideas and issues.

Batting against Issue 4 with Berding was Charter Party Chair Kevin Flynn. Together they made a case against the dangers of a longer term including complacent council members. On Quinlivan's side was rev. Damon lynch.

The entire event was sponsored by the league of women voters and the woman's city club. There were approximately 25 to 30 people in attendance.

The civic organizations do not have another town hall planned yet before the election. City voters will have a chance to make their decision on Issue 4 on Nov. 6.

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